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Katie Price Training for 2010 Marathon

Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

As Katie Price prepares for the London Marathon in 2010,she states that she will stop partying “for a long time”  Katie and her ex- husband Peter Andre completed the 2009 race in seven hours and eleven minutes.

“But I won’t be partying for a long time because I’m going to be competing my horses in January and I’ve started to train for the London Marathon.”

Talking about the reception she thought she would get, she added: “Whenever I do signings, I always think, ‘Is anyone going to turn up?’

“But I always look forward to meeting my fans.”

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Katie Price Attends X Factor with Alex Reid

Tuesday Dec 15, 2009

Katie Price attended the final of the ‘X Factor’  with her former boyfriend,  Alex Reid.
The Mirror reports that the pair attended as guests of Simon Cowell.

Price dumped Reid live on television last month after spending a week in the Australian jungle on ‘I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here!’.

Price is quoted as saying: “We’re just seeing how it goes. I don’t care what anyone else thinks – it’s up to me who I go out with.”

A source is quoted in the newspaper as saying “Ever since Katie returned from the jungle, Alex has been at her house to make her work things out with him.

“Dumping him on TV was such a humiliating thing but he has the hide of a rhino. Katie seems smitten. And taking him to The X Factor for their first public date proves it.”

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Katie Price Gets More Botox

Friday Dec 11, 2009

Katie Price leaving an LA clinic after receiving Botox.

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Jerry Hall Impersonates Katie Price

Thursday Dec 10, 2009

Jerry Hall has the pleasure of being Katie Price in The All Star Impressions Show on ITV1 this Christmas.

She wore the pink jogging suit as well as the famous boots.

These are sneak preview photos of an impersonation show on ITV in which celebrities dress as each other.

The program, The All Star Impressions Show, will be shown as a Christmas broadcast.

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Katie Price Drinking Binge

Wednesday Dec 9, 2009

The I’m A Celebrity star attended the Morgan Awards in London and decided it would be a good idea to hit the bottle and start rolling around like a sailor.

According to the News of the World, Lily Allen decided to step in when Miss Price started flashing her pants at the assembled crowds, telling her: “For God’s sake, think of your children. You’re going to regret this in the morning.”

A source told the paper: “Jordan was behaving like some sort of X-rated actress, lying on the ground and arching her back up into the air.

“It’s not the way to act at a do where the Prime Minister’s wife is one of the guests. At the time Piers and Simon were having their picture taken and the way she was acting was hugely embarrassing.”

Urgh, if this is what divorce does to her, imagine what she’ll do when she hits 40…

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Katie Price and Alex Together Again

Tuesday Dec 8, 2009

Katie Price and cage fighter,  Alex Reid have reunited to stop him from revealing the details of their sex life.

Katie learned that when she had Alex sign her confidentiality agreement, he used  his cross dressing alter ego “Roxy”.  The error in the contract would allow Reid free to sell his story.

Katie has asked him to reunite, even though her management advised her to keep Reid quiet by paying him off. “She thought she was safe making him sign the agreement but it seems the signature was never checked,’ the Daily Star quoted a source as saying.

The insider added: “It was very cheeky indeed of Alex but pretty clever. There is one thing almost as important to Kate as her kids and that’s money. “She hates the thought of people making money out of her and was not about to hand it to Alex on a plate.”

Meanwhile, a pal of Reid said: “Alex was gutted when Kate dumped him on air after leaving the I’m A Celebrity jungle. He is mad about the girl for some reason.”

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Katie Price Checks Herself Out

Monday Dec 7, 2009

Looks here Katie Price is having fun with herself. No need to look elsewhere, all I need is right here.

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Katie Price Gets Told

Sunday Dec 6, 2009

Kim Woodburn told Katie Price exactly what she thought.

To be fair, the artist formerly known as Jordan did rather ask for it. She demanded to know what her fellow celebs thought of her. Kim promptly told her.

‘You are what I thought you’d be,’ she told the pneumatic model. ‘You’re a publicity seeker. You live and die for publicity and you do it well.’

‘You know full well you’ve got 10 to 12 million people watching every night and you know, madam, you’ll be all over the papers every day. Now stop it. Stop your nonsense.’

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Jordan Leaves the Jungle

Saturday Dec 5, 2009

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Katie Price Dumps Alex Reid

Friday Dec 4, 2009

Dumped like a rock, Alex Reid is furious at Katie Price – claiming she used him as a pawn in her game to win back Peter Andre.

“She makes me sick to my stomach. I helped her through everything when she was going through the divorce and now I’m no longer needed. I’ve passed my expiry date,” he told a friend in a desperate phone call from Australia.

Alex made the call as Katie flew in to Heathrow airport, only six days after quitting the jungle and ruining Alex’s plan to propose to her live on TV in Australia.

He said: “She’s treated me like an idiot. She has been nothing more than a heartless bitch.

“Katie got publicity from me, not the other way round. I was just another pawn in her game. I love Katie and know things about her no one else does. This has been a hard blow for any man to take – and I’ve taken some.”

He told the friend: “She has no right to tell me what to do. I’m not ­stalking her. If she wants me out of her life then fine, I’m gone.”

Yesterday Reid, 34, checked out of his £300-a-night room at the Palazzo Versace Hotel after he was humiliated in front of 10million viewers when she dumped him live on air.

As he waited to board his flight he was seen checking out the I’m A Celebrity website to read what ­Jordan had said about him on the show.

She admitted to TV hosts Ant and Dec her fling with Alex was over, adding: “I just realized I don’t want to be in a relationship.”

Asked when they split, she replied: “As of when I came out.”

As he left he stopped to pose for a picture before telling the Sunday Mirror: “I ­suppose I may as well smile. I’ve had better weeks.”

A close friend revealed: “Alex doesn’t want it to come to this but feels he’s got nothing to lose.”

But pals say Katie – who ­hammered out a deal with ITV to break her contract and leave Oz – is ­determined to win back Pete for the sake of the kids.

She has denied ­begging him for a reconciliation.

But friends said they have spoken on the phone this week about plans for Christmas Day and a school ­Nativity play.

The source said: “Katie knows them ­talking on the phone is a breakthrough. She’s convinced he still wants her and sees even the smallest thaw in relations as a sign to getting back ­together.

“As far as Pete’s concerned the relationship is just about their children.”

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